November 5, 2021 Newsletter

Great Books | Holiday Decor | Garden Inspiration

1. Interested in learning how to tell the story of your garden? Check out this book Little Stories of Your Life

These words hit my heart,
“It’s easy to feel that our own lives are not enough, but real lives are not defined by bright, exciting events: we don’t need a grand narrative arc. It’s the stretches of time in between that matter, the tiny moments and the daily choices that make us who we are.”

2.  Shout out to the local women farmers in Detroit who are doing amazing things and have been for years before it was cool and trendy.  The Urban Farmers in Detroit are a force for good.

3.  Check out this unusual online garden shop called Garden Glory.  Their motto is “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”. Here’s are a pair of their gardening gloves.

4.  This giant garden tray is exactly what I need for my downstairs grow shelves so water stops dripping all over the floor. Thanks for the tip  Erin @impatientgardener.

5.  I’m already thinking about how to decorate for the holidays. The House of Jade Interiors is a wonderful website for inspiration. You might enjoy browsing through the holiday decor section.

6.  I loved looking at the beautiful landscape photos from Frederick Law Olmstead’s landscape design for the Krisheim Estate

7.  If you’re fascinated with old Horticulture magazines, you’re going to love reading this article from Garden Rant.

8.  Linda Vater created a super fun video showing 4 different ways to style your mantle.

9.  Check out this article from Gardener’s World because we can never have enough ways to get rid of fungus gnats.

10.  This drink captures my current mood.

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