Whether you have a tiny balcony or grand estate, you can create
a beautiful garden. All it takes is a little know-how, inspiration and a willingness to try. Join us while we work to build our dream garden one day at a time.

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Piet Oudolf is Designing a Garden in Detroit

The news that Piet Oudolf is building a public garden is always big, but when he builds a garden in Detroit, it’s epic. For those unfamiliar with Piet Oudolf, he’s a big deal in the gardening world. He’s acquired Rock Star status for designs featuring sweeping groups of plants woven into a natural tapestry. It’s…

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How I Talked Myself Into Keeping a Garden Journal

I love the idea of a garden journal, but I never kept one.  The other day I was looking through garden photos and found a color scheme I want to repeat this season.  The problem is, I didn’t make any notes and never kept the plant tags. The photograph looks great, but I have no idea…

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The February Garden To-Do List

  I think it’s safe to say that when February hits, I’m done with Winter and I’m counting the days until Spring. February in Michigan is typically cold and grey, but there’s still plenty of gardening tasks to get off my to-do list before the busy season starts.  Here are my top 5 tasks to…

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Pinterest Inspired Me to Spruce Up My Side Garden

Last week I talked about the things I want to accomplish this season like sprucing up the less-seen parts of my garden. I think paying attention to details in your garden is important and the side garden is a great place to start. I was first inspired to update my side garden after seeing a…

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