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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re building your first garden, you’ll find tips, garden-inspired DIY projects, and inspiration to help you build your home garden.

Garden Moxie is a website for home gardeners. It provides simple and practical gardening tips and inspiration. The site features do-it-yourself videos, garden visits, and tips to help you build your garden.

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Hi. I’m Sue from Garden Moxie. I started this website to share practical and inspiring home gardening ideas.

You’ll find articles about plants, design, and garden-related DIY projects. I started a YouTube channel so we can grow and learn together. I invite you to join me.

Amazing Gardeners from the Past

If you love a great story, you’ll love reading about the people that paved the way for us modern gardeners. Plant hunters, writers, and amateur gardeners of the past have lessons to share.

Mrs. Francis King (1863-1948) sitting at her desk. Photo courtesy of the Schlesinger Library