Whether you have a tiny balcony or grand estate, you can create
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The April Garden To-Do List “Quarantine” Edition

Michigan is under a “Stay-at-Home” order because of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Like most of the world, we’re hunkered down, following the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus, and hoping things return to normal sooner rather than later. It’s a brave new world. A world that makes me…

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How We Ended Up With Our Mary Garden

I used to drive past the same Statuary business on my way to church every Sunday. They had a statue of what I thought was Christ, sitting under a pine tree by the front entrance. There was something about that statue that caught my eye, and I admired it every time I drove by.  …

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5 Design Ideas You Can Steal from Terrain

People want to be inspired. Especially gardeners. I am always on the lookout for new design ideas. New plants, new color schemes, new containers. These elements help create a space that reflects your personality.   It’s not about using the most expensive materials. It’s about using ordinary materials in extraordinary ways. With the Coronavirus bringing…

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Trouble Visualizing Garden Plans? Try This Easy Technique.

  It’s not always easy to imagine what a garden will look like after it’s installed.  Garden Designers use 2D drawings and plans to create gardens for clients, but not everyone can look at a piece of paper and imagine what the garden will look like when it’s done.   Here is a beautiful garden…

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