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March 11, 2021 Newsletter

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This week’s newsletter is all about dahlias. How to grow them, stake them, pinch them, and store them.

Dahlias are the flowers of obsessions.  Gardeners are crazy about dahlias and it’s no wonder why. It’s hard to find a more dramatic, colorful flower. Let alone one that’s not fussy.

Best of all, dahlias have inspired gardeners to do amazing things. Like Dee Hall, this week’s featured Flower Farmer. 
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Photo provided with permission from Shiptown Botanical

How Dahlias Inspired a Business

Meet Dee Hall. Founder of Shiptown Botanical, a specialty-cut flower farm located in Norfolk, Virginia. Shiptown Botanical provides locally-grown cut flowers using sustainable, organic growing practices.

What a treat to have access to locally-grown flowers. If you are local to Norfolk, Virginia, you can buy Shiptown Botanical flower subscriptions from the company website. Dee will offer specialty-cut flowers for sale starting on May 2, 2021 at Harvest Market.

Dee got the idea to start Shiptown Botanical when she ordered flowers for her wedding. She couldn’t find a local flower farmer. Local cut-flower growers provide blooms considered too difficult to ship long distances. Flowers like peonies and dahlias.

“… I don’t remember a time in my life when I was without flowers. Growing beautiful things is a proud part of my legacy.

— Dee Hall, Founder of Shiptown Botanical

Growing dahlias for the first time inspired Dee to become a local grower. Dahlias come in so many colors and textures. They offer an endless array of blooms, but they are difficult to ship. You are unlikely to find dahlias at a local florist if they don’t have access to a local grower.

Dee starting growing dahlias and grew enough to share with friends and neighbors. She realized she was the local grower she was looking for when she ordered her wedding flowers. The perfect “ah ha” moment.

Dee’s business provides locally-grown, specialty cut flowers raised using sustainable, regenerative agricultural principles.

Supporting local growers makes sense. Especially if you love seasonal, unique blooms.

Shop Shiptown Botanical

Everything You Need To Know To Grow Amazing Dahlias

No flower gets more attention on Instagram than the dahlia. Beloved by gardeners everywhere, this flower has a cult-like following and it’s easy to understand why.

Growing dahlias isn’t difficult. You can create the dahlia border of your dreams by following a few simple steps. Know how to plant, stake, pinch, and store dahlia tubers and you will have a border like no other.

Here are some resources to help you grow beautiful dahlias.

How to Grow Better Dahlias

How to Deadhead Dahlias

How to Pinch and Stake Dahlias

No Fuss Way to Store Dahlia Tubers

Photo by Lynnelle Cleveland on Unsplash

Check Out Dahlia University

Oh yes, there is a Dahlia University!

The American Dahlia Society has a resource to answer all your dahlia growing questions. The link below provides access to courses covering a wide-range of topics about raising perfect dahlias.

This resource will make you an expert dahlia grower in short order so you can grow amazing dahlias in your garden.

Dahlia University for the Extreme Dahlia-Growing Enthusiast

Helpful Gardening Resources

Winter Pruning Guide – The Farmer’s Almanac shows us what and how to prune in winter.

The Pruning Book – Completely revised and updated. Pruning is an important gardening skill.

Top Rated Flowers for Cutting Part 1 – MSU provides a list of the top-rated cut flowers to help you plan your cut-flower garden.

Top Rated Flower for Cutting Part 2 – Part 2 of MSU’s list of top-rated cut flowers.

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