“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

— Jimi Hendrix

10 Fun Things I Found This Week

1. Marianne Willburn wrote an article asking if gardening is trivial in such a troubled world. She captured my current mood.

2.  Someone actually paid £1,850 for a single snowdrop bulb. That’s
around  $ 2,458.

3.  If you’re looking for garden inspiration, check out the Filoli Historic House and Garden. The photos are a sight for sore Winter eyes.

4.  I am joining this 40 Day Gratitude Challenge. This exercise isn’t just for people celebrating Lent. Everyone can benefit. The article includes 40 helpful downloadable prompts.

5.  The Poison Garden is an educational garden like no other.  It’s called the “deadliest garden in the world” and you’ll see tons of common plants in this space.

6.  Have you heard of a Nunki weeder?  This looks like something you might be able to DIY using an old paint brush handle.

7.  Tomato season is coming. If you’re looking for easy DIY cage and trellis ideas check this out.

8.  Do you know the history of Dr. James Still? He was a 19th century Herbalist.  One of his famous quotes is, ” A great mind is planted within us in the beginning of our lives, and, like other plants, it needs cultivation and watering from the best fountains.” 

9.  Here’s 3 ways to stop comparing yourself to others because comparison is the thief of joy.

10.  Forsythias are the harbingers of spring, but they can be unruly plants in the garden.  Luckily, there are new, smaller varieties.

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