September 10, 2021 Newsletter

LEGO Botanicals | DIY Non-Toxic Insecticidal Spray | Box Tree Moth

Tomorrow I’m celebrating my 2nd anniversary being cancer free.  Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular carcinoma.  It was caught early. I was lucky.  It reminds me of how precious and fleeting life is. It makes me cherish the time in my garden even more. So forgive the indulgence if I remind all you ladies out there to get your mammogram.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. It’s time to place those Spring bulb orders and dream big dreams about next season’s garden. 


10 Things I want to share this week

1.  If you love clematis, you will enjoy Sarah Raven’s video about her favorite varieties of clematis.  I’ve book marked this for future reference.

2.  I loved Lego as a kid, but this Botanical collection is just weird.

3.  This season, I noticed tiny baby ferns in my woodland garden.  If you’ve wanted to learn to grow ferns from spores, now is the perfect time to do it and this article by Jack Wallington will tell you how.

4.  As a gardener, you know some insects make gardening easier.  Check out this article about the 10 essential insects you need in your garden.

5.  Some insects make your gardening life a nightmare.  If you want to keep your garden healthy and don’t want to use anything harmful or toxic, try making your own insecticide spray.

6.  I love to day dream about reading a good book in a greenhouse in the middle of winter.  If you love quirky greenhouses, check out this Alaskan greenhouse made from recycled stained glass windows.  So cool.

7.  Gardening doesn’t need to be hard. There are tons of easy-to-grow perennials that can make your gardening life easier.  Check out this list of 26 easy to grow plants for your garden.

8. I loved reading this list of 8 groceries a chef started buying after they finished culinary school. I thought you’d find this helpful even if it’s not gardening related.

9.  If you grow boxwood in your garden, you should know that thousands of boxwood plants imported from Canada this spring were infested with box tree moth.  This is a big deal.

10.  If you want to search the internet for sound, scientific gardening information, try adding the term “SITE:EDU” after your search.  You will get a list of articles more likely to based on scholarly advice.  Like this article about rotating crops in a small garden.

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