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October 22, 2020 Newsletter


Welcome to the first issue of Garden Moxie Weekly.  Every week you’ll receive an email filled with the best garden-inspired style, decor, and projects I can find.  Delivered straight to your inbox to save you time and effort. No cost, no hassle, no “Googling”.  Just hand-curated beauty.

This week’s newsletter is all about the beauty of Autumn and how you can bring some of that beauty into your home. Surrounding yourself with nature is the perfect way to curate a beautiful life.

Photo permission of Elizabeth Floyd

Smitten With the Sky

I’m a huge fan of painter Elizabeth Floyd. Her paintings are so life-like, I sometimes mistake her Instagram posts for photographs. Her work is inspired by nature and her personal garden. She explains that “everyday moments are her biggest inspiration”.

Her latest series, Smitten with the Sky, captures the joy and inspiration you feel when you gaze up at the sky. I’m adding this to my holiday wish-list for sure.

Photo with permission June and December

Collecting Bits of Nature

I am fortunate to have some amazing garden-inspired shops in my area. One of my favorites is a place I learned about from my niece, Robyn. I remember Robyn telling me about a shop called June and December. She said I’d love it, and she was right.

June and December carry a great collection of garden and nature-inspired treasures.  I love to pick up tiny bits of nature I find on walks. Those little treasures usually end up on my coffee table and mantle. June and December have some great ways to save your collections, including this pocket-sized specimen collecting kit.

How to Press and Preserve Fall Leaves

My favorite thing to do in Autumn is to preserve leaves in glycerine. Glycerine is a non-toxic vegetable-based substance that’s typically used in soap making. It keeps leaves soft and pliable so they can be used for projects to decorate your home.

Check out this helpful article from Food52 describing how to press and preserve Fall leaves. The article also lists some great suggestions on how to use your preserved leaves to decorate.

Photo with permission Ella Claire & Co.

How To Make a Wreath Using Preserved Leaves

Once you’ve preserved your Autumn leaves, you’re definitely going to want to check out this project from Ella Claire & Co showing how to make a beautiful grapevine wreath using preserved Autumn leaves. This project is easy to follow and you’ll end up with a stunning wreath to decorate your home. This project is definitely on my to-do list this year.

Photo by Sue Libertiny

Why Do Leaves Change Colors in Fall?

Trees are the best part of Autumn in the Midwest United States. Have you ever wondered why the leaves change color in Fall?  Check out this great article by Science Bob that includes a downloadable chart you can share with your children explaining the science of autumn’s colors.


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