September 24, 2021 Newsletter

Autumn wreaths | Nature Inspired Art | Alternatives to Boxwood

Garden Moxie Newsletter by Sue Libertiny

Autumn is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon. While Instagram is busy telling me to spend every dime I make (and more) on Spring bulbs, I’m feeling more like making wreaths and enjoying the cooler weather.

Here in Michigan, the week is ending with a power outage, tons of rain, and water in my basement. Yep. It’s officially Autumn and I’m excited for it!

Happy Autumn friends,

10 Fun Things I Found This Week

1.  Terrain has some of the best wreaths for Autumn. They also have some that are down right creepy.

2.  A couple years ago, I tried my hand at creating a photo a day for 100 days using things I found in my garden.  Hannah Bullen-Ryner is taking this idea to a whole new level. Check out these amazing creations.

3.  Gillian Corcoran creates wearable art using wild flowers, mushrooms, and leaves foraged right from the Irish countryside.

4.  For those that can’t get enough pumpkin spice, check out this recipe for pumpkin mac and cheese.  I’m not convinced this is a good idea.

5.  Here’s a run down of the top garden trends seen at the 2021 Chelsea Flower show.

6.  With all the boxwood plagues today (boxwood blight and boxwood moth), it might be a good idea to start thinking about alternatives to boxwood for the garden.

7.  There are lots of seeds that you can plant in the Fall.  Check out this helpful list from Stephanie Rose.

8. I want to try my hand at building a Caulder-inspired mobile for the garden.  If you ever thought of doing the same thing, you’ll love seeing one of his mobiles up close.

9.  I thought these brightly colored botanical prints were totally cool.

10.  Forgive another non-garden related link, but how can you not want to make these smiley faced potatoes?

Thanks for reading. If you’re new to this newsletter, you can see previous issues and subscribe by clicking that big blue button below. Have a happy weekend. Cheers!

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