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“There is no great future without great hope.”

— Nitin Namdeo


I want this newsletter to be fun and easy to read. I was looking through my publishing statistics for the newsletter this week and thought it would be fun to share the 10 things you liked most over the past year.

And in case you’re interested, the thing you hate most is anything related to doing projects with your kids 😂.

The 10 Things You Liked Best This Year

1.  The Garden Professors wrote an incredible article about the gardens of Chernobyl 30 years after the worse nuclear disaster proving once again that nature is utterly amazing.  

2.  Who’s kidding? Shade gardening is hard. Way harder than gardening in sunshine. If you want a great resource on shade gardening, check out what the Royal Horticulture Society has to teach about gardening in shade.

3.  The Poison Garden is a an educational garden like no other. It’s called the “deadliest garden in the world” and you’ll notice a lot of the plants you have in your own backyard.

4.  There’s lots of gardening advice that doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny like adding a handful of bone meal to the bottom of the planting holes when you’re planting trees and shrubs. Check out Linda Chalker-Scott’s Horticultural Myths website where science is used to debunk gardening myths.

5. If you plant a tree too deep, it can die. A tree needs to be planted at the proper depth so the roots get oxygen. A tree’s root flare needs to be planted even with the surface of the ground. Knowing the location of a tree’s root flare is your key to knowing how deep to plant a tree.

The challenge is that plant nurseries sometimes ball and burlap trees with the root flare planted below the soil surface. Just planting the tree even with the soil in the container doesn’t guarantee you are planting the tree at the right depth.

Luckily, learning how to find the root flare is easy. Check out this 2-minute video to learn how to plant a tree at the proper depth. Trust me, you’ll learn something new.

6.  These are 18 of the best tiny trees for your garden.

7.  Finding sanctuary in the Filoli gardens.

8.  This chef now has 8 ingredients he won’t live without now that he finished Culinary school.

9.  Color Lovers will be amazed by Lucinda Hutson’s purple house and it’s incredible garden.  This garden is packed to the rim with inspiration. Every corner is filled with inspiring color and personality.

10. You are not going to believe what Shannon Clegg makes with pressed flowers from her garden.

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