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How to Host a Wreath Making Party

A Wreath-Making party is a fun way to get together with friends to socialize, eat great food and be creative. Best of all, every guest leaves with a beautiful wreath. It’s a win-win!

Photo credit: Hillary Ungson Unsplash.com

Not all my friends are DIY-types. This is something I kept in mind planning my party. Friends have shared stories about going to “Craft-Making” parties where they felt inferior and stressed out because they couldn’t keep up with the Hostess.  That’s not cool!

This is a chance to relax, talk and have fun. Your guests should never feel stressed. As the Hostess, it’s your job to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.  Just keep in mind not all your guests have the same interest or skill level in wreath-making, but they all want to be there and have fun.

To help my guests feel confident and comfortable, I did two important things:

  1. I used grapevine wreaths as the base.
  2. I printed several wreath photos for guests to reference for creative inspiration.

Grapevine wreath forms are perfect for beginners and experts. They look great from the start and literally, all you need to do is tuck a few evergreen branches into the grapevines and you have a gorgeous wreath. This is such a confidence booster for beginners.

I printed several finished grapevine wreath photographs that I found on Pinterest and hung them on a big bulletin board (check out my Wreath board for examples).  Those photographs helped my guests figure out what style wreath they wanted to make.

Photo credit: Hillary Ungson Unsplash.com

Here’s a list of everything I needed to throw a successful Wreath-Making party.


  • 18-inch grapevine wreath form (I bought mine at Michael’s)
  • 22 gauge Floral wire (one for each guest)
  • Wire cutters and/or sharp scissors to cut floral wire
  • Pruning shears and/or sharp scissors to cut branches and decorations


I purchased an assortment of Winter evergreens. I ordered them online from Fernhill Holly Farms. Trader Joe’s is also a great source for Winter evergreens.

  • Princess Pine
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Incense Cedar
  • Berried Juniper
  • Douglas Fir
  • White Pine


  • Dried eucalyptus
  • Dried hydrangeas picked from my garden
  • Dried teasels foraged from a local meadow
  • Dried orange slices (I prepared them the week before the party)
  • Holly berry branches
  • Pinecones

My Wreath-Making party was a huge success. I’m planning to make this an annual event because it was so much fun! I’m also thinking about a version on the same theme where we make floral wreaths using dried flowers and foraged goodies from my garden.

Photo credit: Susan Libertiny


Photo credit: Susan Libertiny
Wreath-Making Party invitation I made using one of my Photo-a-Day photos.



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