Home Garden Autumn Decorating

I love bringing part of my outdoor garden into my home for decorating. This is especially true when the weather changes from summer to autumn. These include dried flowers and evergreen wreaths.

How To Preserve Beautiful Leaves from your Home Garden in 15 minutes
How To Preserve Beautiful Leaves from your Home Garden in 15 minutes

One of my favorite autumn activities is preserving leaves in vegetable glycerine to create colorful branches.  

Food-grade vegetable glycerine is derived from vegetable oil and is often used as an emollient in skincare–it’s not toxic. The ingredients used to soften skin are why it’s perfect for preserving leaves. After soaking in a vegetable glycerine and water mixture, leaves become supple and don’t dry out.  

Choose leaves that aren’t damaged and haven’t been on the ground for a long time for the best results. My favorites are yellow maple leaves, but it’s always fun to experiment with different types of leaves and foliage to see what works best for you! While the leaves will fade over time, they make for beautiful fall decorations for your home.  

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