A Peak at the June Garden

June and July are my favorite seasons in the garden. The garden changes fast this time of year. 2020 is proving to be the year of change, and that includes the garden.

This is the first season I haven’t shopped at a garden center and purchased new plants. At first, I was disappointed. Now, it’s proving to be the perfect creative exercise. The focus this season is on how to use plants grown from seed or figure out how to redeploy plants I have on hand.

Here are a few photos to show you what’s growing in the garden this June 2020. I’d love to hear how your garden plans are coming along. Happy gardening!

There are several foxglove plants scattered through the garden. I redeployed seedlings that I found last Fall.
View of the shade border with spent alliums, hosta, and Annabelle hydrangea.
Patio containers made from seedlings, cuttings, and boxwood redeployed from other areas of the garden.
The ‘Forest Pansy’ Redbud trees in the background with their wonderful purple foliage.
The Nepeta has started blooming in the front yard. It’s the perfect deer resistant plant.
I’ve planted a crazy mixture of vegetables and flowers into containers for the patio.
The Mary garden was widened this past April. I planted boxwood that was redeployed from the side garden to add some much-needed structure to this border. This area is still a work in progress.
The side garden entrance is the next area that will get a little sprucing up. I’m trying to grow more of the Akebia ‘Shiro Bana’ vine that you see on the left side of the arbor. This vine grows well in part-shade and will be a great addition to the main border. The right side of the arbor is honeysuckle.
This past week, the white pines covered everything in a fine yellow dust of tree pollen.

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