How To Make a Spring Floral Arrangement


Flowers Make Me Happy

I love fresh flowers. Especially in Winter. I’m not a fan of a fake flower. I’d rather have a bouquet of dried seed pods than a bunch of super-realistic fake flowers. This week, I picked up flowers from Trader Joe’s and made myself a bouquet. I thought it might be fun to show you my process.

Plants and flowers promote a calm, relaxed mood indoors.

There are No Rules No Matter What Floral Artists Say

The most important thing to remember when you arrange flowers is there are no hard and fast rules. Let’s be honest. Nature does the hard work. We are simply pulling together bits of nature to make a pretty picture.  You can use flowers, vegetables, grasses or weeds. It’s up to your creativity and imagination.

Flowers purchased at Trader Joe’s for my Spring Floral Arrangement


The materials I used:

  • Vase
  • Flowers and foliage (I bought the flowers in this post from Trader Joe’s)
  • Small piece of chicken wire to hold flowers in place (optional)
  • Pruning shears and/or sharp scissors to cut stems


I add a small piece of chicken wire into the vase to hold the stems in place.


Chicken wire is not visible when the arrangement is finished.


Flowers arranged on the table so they are easy to grab as you fill in the vase for your arrangement.

I’ve learned some lessons that make the job easier and I listed them for reference.

  1. Add floral preservative to your container and fill it with fresh, cool water first.  It’s more difficult to add it later. Trust me.
  2. Don’t forget to use foliage plants like grasses, ferns, and seed pods. They add texture and structure to an arrangement.
  3. Don’t pound the end of the stems into the bottom of the vase when you are arranging the flowers. You can damage the stems, making it more difficult for the plant to absorb water.
  4. Use a small piece of chicken wire to hold stems in place. 
  5. Avoid floral foam. Why? Because it’s a thermoset phenolic plastic foam. It’s not good for you. (See #4)
  6. Change the water every day to help your flowers last longer.


Spring floral arrangement made from Flowers from Trader Joe’s


Finished Spring Floral Arrangement sitting on our coffee table.

Flowers Make Everyone Happy

Don’t underestimate the power of plants. Adding touches of nature will brighten every room. If you don’t have time to arrange a vase of flowers, use a single stem. Bringing the outdoors “in” is a great way to decorate your home. Especially in Winter.




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