“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

— H.G. Wells

10 Fun Things I Found This Week

1. You aren’t going to believe this Michigan garden packed with plants.  It looks more like a tropical paradise than a Midwest garden.

2.  Goldstone Hall garden will give you tons of ideas for your own garden.  The garden’s original owner, Helen Ward, created the garden by collecting all different kinds of seeds and plants and finding the perfect place for those plants to thrive.  It also has one of the UK’s most productive kitchen gardens. Scroll down the page to see the photos.

3.  Bloomscape wrote an article filled with great advice on how to create a welcoming outdoor space.

4.  I can get behind any interior design trend that brings the outdoors in.

5.  If you want to add a dogwood tree to your landscape, learn how to properly care for your tree as well as 4 recommended varieties to grow.

6.  If you are building raised planters this season, check out this excellent how-to video by Homestead and Chill. Such a great YouTube channel.

7.  This Australian garden show’s “Post-Apocalypse” theme creeps me out. Am I too sensitive? Hit reply and tell me what you think.

8. Eva Gifted Hands creates amazing stained glass inspired botanical jewelry using real pressed flowers, ferns, and heather. I fell in love with every piece of jewelry in the collection.

9. Plant the Future creates botanical installations that transform interiors into nature-filled spaces.  My head is spinning with ideas after visiting their website.

10.  Check out the 2022 Royal Horticulture Society Photographic Competition winners.

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