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“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

— Confucius

How to build your home garden.

Old way
– Lots of lawn
– Sprinkler systems
– Growing plants that struggle in your zone

New way
– Native perennials with less turf
– Drought tolerant plants
– Right plant for the right place

Sustainability > High maintenance gardens

Now, onto some “garden” fun that I found this week.

10 Fun Things I Found This Week

This summer has been brutal. I lost my Dad on June 7th and my Mother-in-law on Sep 24th. I am still trying to find my way back to normal. Thanks for hanging with me 🥰 .

1.  Flower & Fable uses real flowers to create incredible jewelry. If you are looking for a special gift for a gardener in your life (even if that gardener is you), check out their shop.

2.  We’ve talked about the deadliest garden in the world in past newsletters.  I think you’ll love this video tour of the Poison Garden of Alnwick.

3.  If you have plans to decorate for Fall, you’ll love these 63 fall decorating ideas from Southern Living.

4.  I just finished reading a book by Marian Boswall on Sustainable gardening. She offers tips and step-by-step projects to help you create a garden focused on peat-free compost, reduced consumption of plastic, seed saving, and using reclaimed materials. The book is filled with great suggestions and serves as a reminder that you can make a difference.

5.  If you’re on the look out for great gardening gloves, Real Simple completed an independent test and selected the 7 best gardening gloves.

6. Want to know the best way to ripen those green tomatoes?  Grab a paper bag and a banana.  Yay plant science!

7.  If you want to know how to create a butterfly out of 2 Ginkgo leaves, check this out.

8.  If you love moss, this is a great piece of artwork. If you know a source for preserved moss, hit reply and I’ll share it with everyone in our next newsletter.

9.  If you are planning to bring outdoor houseplants back inside this winter, here’s how you can do it without including the bugs.

10. Never underestimate the incredible things you can create from bits of your garden. Check out these wonderful botanical artworks from Bridget Beth Collins for inspiration.

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