October 15, 2021 Newsletter

Put the Phone Down | Hydrangea Wreaths | Online Nurseries | Bringing Plants in for Winter

10 Fun Things I Found This Week

1.  If you’re bringing plants inside for Winter, this article has suggestions how to bring the plants inside without bugs.

2.  Save money by storing your caladiums, elephant ears, canna, and begonias for next season. If you want to know how to store tender bulbs properly, check out this how-to article by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension.

3.   Autumn is the perfect time to repair damaged turf. If you want the perfect lawn, check out these helpful turf renovation and reseeding tips from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

4.  If you want to know how to manage kitchen scraps without attracting rodents and animals to your compost pile, check out this counter top food and recyclable plastic composter. This might change the world.

5.  Want to know the best way to ripen those green tomatoes?  Grab a paper bag and banana. I love plant science.

6.  A chef shares her secret on how to cut onions without tears. You can read the whole article, but rinse your forearm under cold water if you want to skip to the punch line.

7.  If you’re struggling to keep squirrels out of your garden, check out these suggestions from Garden Design.

8.  I made a video showing how to make the perfect hydrangea wreath using a straw form.

9.  I ran a poll on Instagram to find out everyone’s favorite online nurseries. You can get the complete list and the links on my website.

10. Looking for inspiration on how to decorate your entryway for Fall? I found these 21 creative ideas.

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