The Garden Projects I Hope to Accomplish in 2021

My New Year’s resolutions are really nothing more than “To-Do” lists. Except these “To-Do” lists only feature fun projects. It’s no surprise that all my “To-Dos” are gardening projects.

This is the list of projects I’m hoping to accomplish this year. You can read last year’s resolutions here.

View of the future location of my new double perennial border

1. Install a New Perennial Border

I’m excited for this project. I have been systematically removing as much turf as possible, and this project is going to get me closer to my “no lawn” goal for the backyard.

I want to convert that huge expanse of lawn running along the back of the yard into a double-wide perennial border. I’m finalizing the planting plans now. I’m going to document the entire project so I can share all my lessons learned. Good and bad.

I used one of my favorite techniques to decide how to convert this space. I wrote about how to help visualize your ideas here. I used the same technique to brainstorm ideas for this new space. You can see the conceptualized photo below. It’s an overlay of the Mary garden.

Conceptualized Garden Plan

2. Repeat My Master Gardener Training

I completed Master Gardener training over 20 years ago now. I decided to repeat the training. I was a certified Advanced Master Gardener, but I let my certification expire a few years ago. I’m excited to learn new gardening tips and tricks that I’ll share with you too.

My favorite thing about Master Gardener training is meeting local gardeners. It’s always fun to share new plants and seeds with friends that are excited about gardening as you.

Making Cyanotypes During My Lunch Break

3. Deep Dive Into the Cyanotype Process

This year I made cyanotypes for the first time and I’m in love with the process. For me, it’s the perfect blend of gardens and art. I want to take my time this year to learn more about the process and practice creating one-of-a-kind projects to share with friends and family.

Our new path created a perfect space for a Woodland garden

4. Plant a Woodland Garden

Last year we laid two new garden paths. You can read about the process here. The second path created the perfect space for a Woodland garden. I want to learn how to blend Woodland plants, bulbs, and shrubs to create a natural-looking space. I’m psyched to start this project soon.

Do you have any special garden projects planned this year? I’d love to hear about them. Just leave a comment below. And if you’d like to receive my newsletter where I share tips, tricks, and inspiration to help Home gardeners build beautiful gardens, you can sign up below. Happy gardening!

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