How to Visualize Your Garden Plans

June 24, 2021 Newsletter

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One of the hardest things for new gardeners is visualizing a new garden when its a plan on a piece of paper. Luckily, historic Landscape architects came up with clever ways to share their visions.  

This week, I am sharing an inspirational look at the Morgan Library and Museum archives to share the elaborate landscape journals of Humphrey Repton (1752–1818).

I’m also sharing the new nature-inspired textile collection from Kelly Ventura and a look at my latest garden project, building an island border from scratch.

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Photo courtesy The Morgan Library and Museum
Photo courtesy The Morgan Library and Museum

Inspired Landscape Journals

Humphry Repton (1752–1818) was a prominent Landscape architect with a secret weapon for landing new clients. Repton created an emotional connection by allowing his clients to “see” his plans.  He created elaborate landscape journals filled with hinged watercolor overlays showing before and after illustrations.  These journals are referred to as Red Books because they were bound in red morocco bindings.

You can see an example of a folding overlay image above. Repton illustrates the position of a new brick building and walled entrance for Ferney Hall. So clever. You just peel back that overlay to reveal the “before” view. If you look closely at the bottom right corner of the after image, you can see the tab.

If you’d like to learn more about Humphrey Repton and see examples of his Red Books, just click the link below.

Photo courtesy Kelly Ventura

Kelly Ventura’s New Textile Collection

Kelly Ventura is an incredible artist and designer. Her inspiration comes from the natural world which becomes obvious as you study her new textile collection.

“Ventura’s sophisticated yet approachable compositions are rich
with organic texture and soothing hues, capturing the intricate beauty
of nature. With a modern approach to the classic subject matter of nature, Ventura’s motifs bring a breath of fresh air into the home.”

The collection features pillows, wallpapers, and fabric all produced in the USA using the finest-quality digital printing technology.  The inks and manufacturing processes are also eco-friendly.

This collection will help you create a beautiful space inspired by the colors and texture of nature.  You may find that perfect something for your next project.

View of my new front border as I stage the plants to verify final planting positions

Creating an Island Border from Scratch

Limiting the amount of turf in the landscape can help you conserve water.  That is exactly what I am hoping to achieve with this season’s garden project.

I’m creating a large island border to replace a patch of turf in the front of our house.  I’ve removed the turf and now I’m working on incorporating lots of compost to prepare the soil for planting.  The plants arrived last weekend. The most exciting part of any new garden project.

If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be posting updates on my YouTube channel.

Gardening Resources

What Can and Cannot be Composted – A quick reference list for home composters.

10 Steps to a Productive Veggie Garden – The University of Illinois shares 10 steps to a great garden.

How to Determine Soil Drainage – A technique to figure out if you have “well-drained” soil with suggestions on what to do if you don’t.

Thanks for joining me this week. I hope you enjoyed this week’s newsletter. Have a great weekend!

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