Making a Living Wreath to Decorate Your Garden

This season, I added a living wreath of white and purple pansies to the door that leads from our patio to the garage. I wanted to spruce up the patio and I love how it looks.

I purchased a 24 inch frame on Amazon. The wreath is quite large and makes a great addition to the patio.

Things to Consider for Your Living Wreath

  • A 24-inch wreath is very heavy once it’s filled with soil and watered.
  • You need to water your wreath daily.
  • Watering is a messy process. Choose your location carefully.
  • Consider placing the wreath on the ground to water.
  • The wreath frame is best suited for annuals grown in small trays.

I’d love to hear if you try making your own living wreath. I’m looking forward to watching mine grow.

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