Hellebores are the Perfect Shade Plant

If I had to pick a super-hero garden plant, it would be the hellebore. These plants are the perfect combination of tough and beautiful. They’re deer resistant, evergreen, and grow in shade. I’ve seen these plants bloom when it’s snowing. They’re seriously tough.

In this article, I am sharing photos of the hellebores blooming in my garden. Night time temperatures are still below freezing, but these plants are made to take our brutal Michigan spring. Super-hero plants. No doubt about it.

Helleborus ‘Madame Lemonnier’

This hellebore has clusters of outwardly facing pink flowers. The foliage is a deep emerald green and the flower stems are a deep burgundy. This hellebore has sterile blooms (i.e. does not set seed) which is a bummer. I was hoping to grow more, but then I noticed this is a patented variety. Asexual reproduction is strictly prohibited according to the plant label. The hellebore police are watching so be careful.

Helleborus ‘Madame Lemonnier’ blooming in the shade garden.

Helleborus ‘Yellow Finch’

This is a yellow hellebore with a reddish center. This hellebore set seed for the first time last autumn, but I neglected to pay close attention and when I went to collect the seed, it already fell to the ground. I’m on the look out for seedings. Keep your fingers crossed.

Helleborus ‘Gold Finch’

Hellebores from Trader Joe’s

I have a couple unknown varieties of hellebore I purchased from Trader Joe’s. I jokingly refer to them as Helleborus ‘Trader Joseph’. Honestly, if I didn’t save my plant tags, I’d forget all the cultivar names. Not knowing their names doesn’t make them any less beautiful. One has deep burgundy flowers and the other is white with a green center.

Unknown variety hellebore I purchased from Trader Joe’s.
Unknown variety hellebore I purchased from Trader Joe’s.

Hellebores are also great cut flowers and they bloom when gardeners are most desperate for signs of life in the garden. If you don’t grow hellebores, these plants are worth adding. You’ll be glad you did.

Hellebore | Photo taken Mar 2, 2019 | Susan Libertiny

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