Best Trees for a Tiny Garden

February 18, 2021 Newsletter

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If you’re like me and you’re hoping to make new garden spaces this season, February is a great time to plan for the spring.

In this week’s newsletter, I’m sharing ideas about small trees that are perfect for a tiny garden, snowdrops, shade plants, and resources to help you grow and plan your garden.

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Photo of Redbud ‘Rising Sun’ courtesy The Tree Center

The Best Small Trees for Tiny Yards

Adding vertical interest to your garden is essential to creating a sense of enclosure. The easiest way to achieve this is to plant trees and shrubs that grow and take up vertical space in your garden.

Check out these resources to find the best small trees for tiny yards.

18 Best Small Trees for Tiny Yards

12 Species of Dogwood Trees and Shrubs

15 Varieties of Japanese Maples

New Snowdrops for 2021

Carolyn’s Shade Garden is a small retail nursery located in Bryn Mauer, Pennsylvania.  Their focus is on snowdrops and miniature hostas. If you are looking for hard-to-find snowdrops, you’ll want to check out their website.

Snowdrops are the harbingers of spring. They’re loved because they’re one of the first blooms to appear; oftentimes while there is still snow on the ground.  They’re tough little bulbs that naturalize easily.

Carolyn’s Shade Gardens New Snowdrops for 2021

Top 25 Snowdrops Part 1

Top 25 Snowdrops Part 2

A Natural Forest Garden

Three Dogs in a Garden was founded by Jennifer Connell, an artist, writer, and photographer with a real passion for gardens. Her blog is filled to the rim with articles about garden visits and plants. 

The thing I love about her blog is the level of detail in each article, the photography, and that there are lots of articles about shade gardening. It’s not easy to find good articles about shade gardens. This website is an excellent resource.

Three Dogs in a Garden Blog – A Natural Forest Garden

Photos courtesy Terra Nova Nurseries

Purple and Chartreuse Perfection for Your Shade Garden

Shade gardens don’t need to be boring. In fact, some of the greatest foliage plants thrive in shade, and brightly colored foliage is perfect for adding some excitement to a shady spot.

If you’re looking for ideas for great shade-loving plants, check out my latest article on Garden Moxie sharing my 6 favorite shade plants. These plants will brighten up any corner of your garden.

My 6 Favorite Shade Plants

Resources and Tools

Succession Planting – What I’m currently reading. It’s filled with great planting advice.

Nappy – Beautiful, high-res photos of black & brown people for startups, brands, and everyone else. A great resource for content creators.

Top 10 Books about Gardens – Garden books that also tell a great story.

Great Dixter Pruning Webinar – An online course by Fergus Garret, Head Gardener Great Dixter House, teaching you how to prune trees and shrubs. 

Thanks for reading. If you found this newsletter helpful, please forward it to your friends and family. See you next week. Cheers!

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