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Danova Pink Bicolor primroses in the Spring garden for newsletter
Primula acaulis ‘Danova Pink Bicolor’ in the garden on April 14, 2023

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

Spring Garden Checklist

If you’re looking for some gardening help, I’m offering free garden guides on my website.

My garden guides cover a range of topics like choosing the right plants, maintaining your soil, and helpful checklists. 

I’ll be focused on the seasonal activities in my Zone 6A Michigan garden, but the guides should be helpful to all gardeners.

Download my Spring Garden Checklist now.

Annual Vine Update

Purple Cup Vine Seedling
Black Eyed Susan Vine

My annual vine project is a bit dubious.

The passion flower and canary bird vines have not germinated. Last week, I had one tiny purple cup vine poke its head above soil, but as you can see, I’m not breaking any growth records 😂 .

The Black Eyed Susan and Firecracker vines are growing, but have an apparent nutrient deficiency. I gave both plants a dose of water-soluble fertilizer this morning so fingers crossed 🤞.

Geraniums from Seed

Geranium plant frown from seed
Geraniums grown from seed 4-inch versus 6-inch pots

Check out the geraniums!

This is my first time growing geraniums from seed. They’re the cutest baby plants and easy to grow from seed.

I learned a great lesson, by accident, that I want to share.

I ran out of 6-inch pots when I was transplanting the seedlings, so I put a few plants into 4-inch pots.  Check out the difference in plant size.

It makes sense that providing more room for root development encourages the plants to grow bigger, but there’s something about seeing the two pots next to each other that drives the point home.

Note to Self – Buy more 6-inch pots.

Resources and Inspiration

8 DIY Cleaners Will Change the Way You Clean Your Home – After getting cancer, I’m always on the look out for non-toxic ways to clean.

A Look at How I Built My Garden – I made a video showing how my garden has changed over the years. It shows where I started and how things are going today.

Fertilizer Calculator – Helps you figure out how much fertilizer to add based on your soil test recommendations.

That’s it for this week’s newsletter.I hope you found something helpful. Thanks for being here.

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